The Case for Lilith
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  The legend of Lilith is undoubtedly the most fantastic of all ancient rabbinic myths.
According to lore, God created her from dust alongside Adam. However, Lilith was a
failed mate. She was not animated by the breath of God like Adam. Rather she was
preemptively animated by a Satanic mist which erupted from the ground. Lilith
rebelled against Adam and became the infamous Serpent who deceived Eve and
caused Adam to fall. Therefore, God established eternal enmity between the
Serpent Lilith and Eve and between their seed. Lilith’s seed would bruise the heel of
Eve’s promised seed, Messiah, but Eve’s seed would revive to crush the head of the
Serpent Lilith.
  This book reveals twenty-three amazing Biblical evidences that caused ancient
rabbis to conclude the various elements of her legend. It also explains how her
legend is completely consistent with traditional Judaic / Christian teachings on the
Bible's redemptive message.  Not only that, the book shows how her legend solves
many ancient Biblical mysteries, such as why the Serpent is said to bear seed like

About the Author:
What Mark Biggs has accomplished with The Case for Lilith is sorely needed.  His
book finally explains the nearly inexplicable.  He has taken the fantastic tale of Lilith
and explained how each element of her legend came to be taught by the ancient
rabbis based on their understanding of Biblical passages.  Finally, with The Case for
Lilith, in one book is collected a coherent set of Biblical evidences that support all
the critical facets of Lilith’s legend.  But Biggs does not stop there.  He embarks on a
daring pursuit to establish links between Lilith and Biblical elements that go
essentially undiscussed outside the Zohar.  He boldly argues the intriguing case that
the infamous seed of the Serpent Lilith is Azazel, a demon in Leviticus to whom is
sent the scapegoat of Yom Kippur.  He also explores Azazel’s roots as the first
Nephilim.  According to Genesis the Nephilim were powerful giants created by fallen
angels mating with the daughters of Adam.  Biggs adeptly argues that Azazel was the
unique product of these angels mating with Lilith.

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