Plot Outline of Lilith Screenplay  

Sistine Chapel
Script begins in the Sistine Chapel with priest leading a group of
children on a tour.  The Priest explains Michelangelo’s paintings to a
tour group of children.  He reveals that the half-woman / half-serpent
whom Michelangelo depicts tempting Eve is Lilith.  After a lot of
troubled questions from a little girl, Priest says to understand Lilith and
how she came to be, you have to go all the back to the start of the
story.  (There is a bookend to this scene at the end of the script.)   

Creation Event
Script goes back in time to 14 billion years ago to witness the creation
Big Bang event.  The formation of time, energy, matter, stars, and
galaxies, quasars, supernovas, and black holes are all covered,
finishing with the creation of earth.  This script portion covering 10
billion years of history is nominally considered a 5 minute continuous
piece of special effects.  

Throne Room of God
At the completion of the earth 4 billion years ago, the scene shifts to  
God’s throne room.  There Lucifer leads God’s angels in worship of
God over his glorious creation.  The scene of God’s worship is
visualized like a majestic spiral galaxy rotating in space.  Radiant God
and his majestic throne are at the center.  Star-like points of lights
whom are the enumerable angels dance an orbit around God - singing
and glorifying his name.  God reveals his plan for the next step in
creation – man.  Lucifer rebels because of the angels proposed inferior
position to man. Lucifer recruits 1/3 of angels for his rebellion.  In the
ensuing battle Lucifer and his host are cast out of heaven into

Earth’s Destruction
Lucifer and his angels  descend into creation (the universe) and crash
a planet named Theia into the newly formed Earth.  The spirit of God
descends into the chaos, and reforms the Earth with its new moon from
the mess.  God creates the first life on earth.  The evolution of life over
4 billion years is then portrayed as told in the six days of creation in

Creation of Adam and Lilith
At the culmination of creation God creates Adam and a female
companion from the soil.  However, Satan erupts in a mist from the
ground and preemptively animates the woman.  She becomes Lilith.  
She is animated in the image of her father Lucifer, while Adam, who
God had shielded from Satan’s defilement, is animated by the breath of
God and made in God's image.  Because Lilith is unfit for Adam, God
states that he will condemn her to the abyss.  Adam intervenes on her
behalf, saying she had done no sin.  God agrees to forgo punishment.  
He blesses both Lilith and Adam, and tells them to fill the earth.  
However, God declares that only through Adam's heritage would Lilith
inherit in their blessings.  She is defiant to this notion.

Lilith Tempts Adam
After some time, Lilith tempts Adam into rebelling against God.  She
explains it was foolish for Adam to be a slave to God.  She summons a
mist from the ground, like the one which animated her, which waters a
tree of the garden.  This tree is transformed into the tree of knowledge
of good and evil.  Lilith tries to get Adam to eat, but he refuses.  As
God approaches, Lilith flees the garden. God tells Adam that he would
make for him a new helpmeet to replace Lilith, for she was more beast
than human and unfit for him.  However, Adam wants to give her
another chance, saying she had done no sin.  God agrees to Adam's
wishes, but warns Adam if he ever ate of the tree of knowledge of
Good and evil, he would die.  God then orders Adam to judge  all the
soulish animals He would bring before him, and to name them after
their likeness.  He would bring Lilith too, and Adam was to name and
judge her.  God then creates the tree of life by watering a tree of the
garden with the living waters of God, thereby transforming it.  He
commands Adam to give Lilith of the tree of Life when he meets her
again.  God then summons all the beast of the field and Lilith to Adam,
so that he might name and judge them.

Lilith Eats of the Tree of Life and Rejects Adam
Lilith tarries in answering God's summons.  Three angels are dispatch
to bring her to Adam.  Wishing to put an end to things, she agrees and
return.  She returns to Adam at twilight.  He declares to her she had
tarried, and arrived in the
liyal (darkness), plus he had always
perceived a certain darkness about her.  Therefore he names her Lilith
(before her name was Adamah).  Lilith happily eats of the tree of Life
that Adam offers her, for she wishes to obtain immortality.  After eating
she rejects Adam, refusing to submit to him.  With eternal life, she
proclaims she no longer has need of God or Adam.  Adam begins to
use his supernatural power to force Lilith to kneel and submit to him.  
She struggles against his power.  As God approaches, she utterly
rebels.  She shouts the ineffable name of God, evoking its power.  A
strange transformation overtakes her because of the holy living waters
she has consumed.  She exclaims in pain over her belly.  She sprouts
wings like her father Lucifer and flees the garden.  Adam is finally
ready for his replacement mate.

Creation of Eve
God decides to make for Adam a replacement helpmate using Adam
himself as the source material.  Adam is put into a deep sleep, and Eve
is created from a portion of his side.  Adam awakes to find a helpmeet
in his own image and exclaims, “At long last.   This is the one.”  Adam
and  Eve begin their life together in the garden.  They entertain
themselves by watching a “soccer” game between lions.   They build a
beautiful house via ingenious methods.  The angels marvel at man’s
art and creativity.  

Lilith Tempts Eve
Scene works well.  Script leverages literal reading of bible with the idea
that Eve
saw that the tree was 1) good for food, 2) made one beautiful
(correction to KJV translation “was beautiful”), and 3) made one wise.  
Thus, first Lilith eats the forbidden fruit in view of Eve, demonstrating it
is not poisonous and good for food.  Second, Lilith uses the glamour of
Lucifer to appear as a beautiful creature of Light, promising Eve she
would become the same if she ate.  Thirdly, Lilith demonstrates god-
like powers by faking the resurrection of a dead bird.  In reality this bird
is just temporarily animated by an indwelling demonic spirit.  Finally,
Lilith argues to Eve the notion that the knowledge of good and evil is
good, because it would allow Eve to discern evil and correct it as Lilith
did when she resurrected the bird.  Eve succumbs and eats.  She is
instantly remorseful.

Adam Falls for Eve
Eve flees to Adam.  When he sees Eve's devastated condition, he
immediately recognizes disaster has occurred (I follow Milton and
Timothy in asserting that Adam was not deceived).  Adam is unable to
even touch Eve in her fallen condition.  Adam goes to pray in order
that God's decree of death be lifted against Eve.  Neither God or the
angels respond to Adam's call.  But the holy spirit of God within Adam
speaks to him.  It tells him that God would make for Adam yet another
mate.  Adam is crestfallen and refuses such an offer.  He chooses to
join Eve by eating of the fruit voluntarily.  After he does, Lilith is joyous
with victory.  She condemns the two, exclaiming that they were both
naked and cursed to death.  

God Returns
God returns and finds Adam and Eve hiding at the clearing with the two
trees.  He kills a lamb, strips it of its skins, and hangs it in the tree of
knowledge, foreshadowing messiah, so that they might be clothed and
stand before him.  God announces Adam is now married to Eve, and
has chosen her over God.  God also announces to Eve that she will
have revenge against Lilith.  Her seed shall crush Lilith’s seed.  God
forces Lilith to bow to the ground and eat dust.  She is further
transformed at this point into a much uglier creature, more beast than
human.  She rages against God to keep his word that Adam and Eve
should die that very day.  But God refuses.  

God departs, setting the tree of knowledge with the hanging lamb on
fire.  God stations two cherubim to with flaming swords to guard the
entrance to  Eden.  Eve flees as Lilith begins fighting the angels.  
Adam soon departs also.  One of the angels is grievously wounded
and calls upon Michael for help.  A host of angels appears, and Lilith
finally relents.  She pursues after Adam, and overtakes him in the
Euphrates.  There she begins to drown, beat, and kill him.  Her hands
burn from hitting the lamb skin covering him.  

Eve sees the fight from a distance, prays to God to save her man.  The
slain lamb rises, aflame from the angels’ swords, and enters the
waters, dissolving into them.  Lilith becomes deathly ill.  Her eyes turn
yellow, her stomach bloats, her skin looks as if it rots.  She leaves
Adam and flees from the waters.  Adam exits, most of his wounds are
miraculously healed.  He lies besides Eve on the banks.  Neither says a

Death of Adam
Script skips forward many years to Adam’s death.  There is tent city of  
his family.  By this point hundreds and thousands in number.  Adam is
cursed with old age.  But Eve is still as young as at her creation.  As
Adam lies dying on his bed, a disfigured Lilith floats before him, ready
to take his soul.  No one else sees her.  She is as a ghost.  Eve cries
over the dying Adam that it was all her fault.   Adam responds to Eve,
“You have always been a blessing to me.”

Adam dies.  Eve cries out that she doesn’t want to live.  Her hair is
suddenly grey, her aging has begun.  In a panic, her sons look to bury
Adam by Abel, whom Cain slew.  But they find that Abel’s body is
gone.  When they return, Adam’s body has been taken by Angels into
the heavens.  With him is another man.  The sons see this and
wonder.  Eve, suddenly grown old and near death in a single night,
looks and whispers "Abel" before dying.

Earth Orbit - Present Day
The WMAP (Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe) space telescope
peers deep into space.  We follow its transmission down to earth.  An
astronomer receives the information in his office in Rome.  It is the
WMAP picture of the Big Bang creation event.  The little girl from the
opening scene bursts into his office.  She exclaims to her grandfather
how she had earlier witnessed “how the universe was created and
everything began”.  She asks what he had done that day.   Holding the
WMAP picture, he says, "The same thing".
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