Lilith as the First Sotah

In relation to the bitter water trial, there are two important points to be taken away from the Lilith legend.  
First, Lilith was the archetype of the Sotah.  In refusing to submit to Adam, she became the first wayward
adulterous wife who went astray under her husband.  As such, we would expect her to receive curses
parallel to the Sotah.  And she does.  As we shall see, a careful study the Serpent’s account in Genesis
reveals that she suffers the essential curses of a defiled Sotah – she eats dust, her belly suffers curses, and
her seed is slain by a promised seed.  Furthermore, Eve in her curses mirrors the innocent woman of the
trial.  She suffers pain in birthing her promised seed, but this seed prevails over the curses, and she is
saved.  The second major point to take away from the Lilith legend is that her creation mythos confirms the
notion that golems can be animated from dust and water fashioned into the forms of humans.  Although the
creation story of Adam himself also supports this notion, Lilith confirms the importance of purity for the two
main ingredients in creating a golem – dust (used to make the body) and water/breath (used as animating
forces).  Lilith demonstrates that demonic or evil spirits can inhabitant the golems through these ingredients
and imbue the animated golem with an image that is not of God, in which case the demonic creature is not
fully human, but more beast.  
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