Summary List of Evidences that
       Azazel was Lilith’s Firstborn Seed with the Watchers

Below I have compiled twenty evidences from 1 Enoch, the Book of the Giants, Leviticus 16, and the Zohar
that Azazel was not a Watcher, but rather the firstborn seed of the Serpent Lilith with the Watchers.  

1.        First Enoch never explicitly states that Azazel is a Watcher or angel.

2.        Semjaza mating with Lilith provides an explanation for the mysterious sin Semjaza must commit and
the strange oaths he extracts from the other Watchers atop mount Hermon in 1 Enoch 6:3.  This is especially
valid when one considers the anti-parallels of the events with the legend of Asterah.  

3.        In 1 Enoch 6:7 Azazel is not listed as one of original leaders of the Watchers before their fornications
with women.  

4.        In 1 Enoch 8:1-2, immediately following the Watcher’s sexual relations with women, Azazel is listed as
the foremost figure in the Watcher’s sin.  Azazel being a Watcher cannot explain his sudden prominent

5.        In 1 Enoch 10:8 all the sin of the Watcher’s crime is ascribed to Azazel.  This is not consistent for a
Watcher who was not even present at the start of Watcher’s downfall.  However, this is consistent with Azazel’
s role in the Bible’s Yom Kippur ceremony, which identifies him as the infamous seed of Eden’s Serpent,
Lilith, upon whom all the sins of Israel are placed.  

6.        In 1 Enoch 9:6, Azazel is testified against by God’s angels first and separately from “Semjaza and his
associates” in the next two verses.  This implies Azazel is not under the authority of Semjaza, who the next
verse reminds us is the leader of the Watchers.  Thus Azazel cannot be a Watcher, and he sin is again more
prominent than the Watchers.

7.        In 1 Enoch 9:6, the angels do not accuse Azazel of fornication with the daughters of man, but Semjaza
and his fellow Watchers are accused of this in the next verses.  Azazel is merely blamed for instructing man
in unrighteousness.  This is consistent with Azazel not being an angel or Watcher, since all Watchers
pledged by solemn oath upon Mount Hermon to go onto the daughters of man.  Note that if Azazel was the
seed of the Watchers and had sexual relations with women, he still would not have be accused of this act by
the angels, because any seed of the Watchers would not be under any heavenly prohibition as their fathers

8.        In 1 Enoch 10:4-6, the angels punish Azazel before the Watchers, along with the Watcher’s other
seed.  This early punishment is consistent with him being the seed of the Watchers.  A key element to the
Watcher’s punishment was to witness the demise of all their seed.  

9.        In 1 Enoch 10:4-6, Azazel’s special and heavy punishment being first before all other seed of the
Watchers, is consistent with him being a firstborn seed of the Watchers.  

10.        In 1 Enoch 10:4-6, Azazel being the first punished precludes him from being a Watcher.  He would
not be able to witness the demise of his seed, per the judgement laid out against the Watchers.  

11.        1 Enoch 10:6-7 states that when Azazel is cast into the lake of fire, this will heal the earth of the
angel’s corruption upon it.  The manifestation of the angel’s corruption upon the earth is their Nephilim seed.  
This thus again suggests Azazel is the foremost seed of the Watchers.  

12.        In 1 Enoch 10:8, Azazel is once again not accused of fornication with the daughters of man, but
Semjaza and his associates are in just a few verses.  Azazel is only accused of teaching man
unrighteousness.  (See #6)

13.        In 1 Enoch 10:9, Azazel suffers an individual punishment at the hand of an angel who is different
from the one commissioned to punish all the Watcher’s seed of “fornication”.  This fornication is specifically
the sexual acts of the Watchers with the daughters of Adam.  Note that given Azazel is a seed of the
Watchers, his not being included in this category suggests Azazel’s mother was not a daughter of Adam.  In
which case she could only be Lilith.

14.        In 1 Enoch 10:11 Azazel is once again not included with “Semjaza and his associates”.  This again
implies Azazel is not a Watcher.

15.        In 1 Enoch 13:1, when Enoch is commanded by God to confront the fallen Watchers and their seed,
Enoch confronts Azazel separately and first from the Semjaza and his fellow Watchers.  

16.        In 1 Enoch 13:1-2, Enoch does not charge Azazel with the sin of having sexual relations with women,
as God earlier commanded Enoch to do to the Watchers on his mission.  Rather, Enoch accuses Azazel only
of teaching man unrighteousness.  This is consistent with Azazel not being a transgressing Watcher.  

17.        In 1 Enoch 13:3, Azazel is not present at a gathering where all the Watchers are said to be present.  

18.        In a fragment from the Dead Sea Scrolls’ Book of the Giants, Azazel is equated as a peer to the
Nephilim seed of the Watchers.  The fragment implies that Azazel’s linage is more polluted and deserving of
punishment than the giants’ linage, which was the product of Watchers mating with the daughters of Adam.  
From this it may be inferred that Azazel was the product of Lilith mating with the Watchers.

19.        Vayetze 116 of the Zohar indicates that the secret of Azazel is that he is the “unholy filth” in whom is
“joined together” the male rider with the female Serpent, Lilith.  “Unholy filth” suggest the result of sexual
acts.  This indicates that Azazel is the resulting seed of the Serpent Lilith mating a male inseminating spirit.  

20.        Azazel’s role in Yom Kippur ceremony of Leviticus 16 indicates he is the infamous seed of the
Serpent.  This is because of the parallelism between the Yom Kippur ceremony and the bitter water trial of
the Sotah, of whom the first archetype was the Serpent, Lilith.